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March: O Kolektivním Duchu Australského Divadla (On the Collective Spirit of Australian Theatre) | National Theatre Prague

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1 March: The James Plays Trilogy review – high-stakes historical soap proves addictive | Guardian Australia

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22 February: Claire Cunningham's Guide Gods review – disability and religion meet in dance | Guardian Australia

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11 December: Manifesto review | Daily Review 

5 December: Miss Universal review (Chunky Move studio, Melbourne) | Daily Review

December: Violence and Our Country's Good | The Lifted Brow

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26 October First look review Girl Asleep first look review – the magical realism of being a teenager | Guardian Australia

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28 September: Unbearable Whiteness: Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men | Kill Your Darlings

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August: coverage of Edinburgh festivals with Fest Mag

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5 March: Nufonia Must Fall review – Kid Koala's tender robot romance comes alive | Guardian Australia

4 March: SmallWar review – Valentijn Dhaenens' one-man show about the everyman experience of war | Guardian Australia

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1 March: Azimut review - Moroccan acrobatics speak darker truths | Guardian Australia

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