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Introduction to Performance Criticism with SA Writers Centre

There are many types of performance critics: from the critic as consumer guide, letting audiences know if a show is worth their money or not; to the critic as historian, placing performance in its broader cultural context for future posterity.

This workshop, focusing on theatre and dance, is for everyone who is interested in considering performance – both those who want to go on to create written reviews themselves, and those who just want to have a deeper more critical relationship with the work that they see.

Everyone's a critic: this workshop will show you how.

Participants will learn:

  • The different forms of reviewing and modes of criticism
  • How to be a more engaged audience member
  • How to consider the different components of a performance
  • How to use written language as an act of translating physical performance
  • How to better consider the place of performance in broader culture and society.

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Adapt to Survive: Publishing in 2016 | Wheeler Centre

In both the big and small ends of town, what does it take to stay afloat in the publishing business? These days, it seems that no matter your skills, the paying of bills looms large – whether you’re in small press, independent journals, magazines, books, ‘new’ media or news media.

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