Wheeler Centre | Adapt to Survive: Publishing in 2016

"Through subscriptions, retail, arts funding, sponsorships, donations, ads, crowdfunding and more, we’ll take a fresh look at the financial and technological changes keeping today’s publishers and writers on their toes. And we’ll talk about some of the tactics (and the logic underpinning them) that publishers are deploying in response. Who’s leading the field, who’s surviving most confidently, and how do you balance quality, quantity and liquidity? How are publishers and writers branching out – into events, publishing different kinds of material, taking on paid work in complementary fields – to make ends meet? Is there a better way?"

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Guardian Australia | Adelaide festivals 2015

Adelaide fringe festival 2015 review: clowns, calypso, naked cabaret 

"To round up the highs, lows and oddities of this year's Adelaide fringe, culture editor Nancy Groves is joined by theatre critic Jane Howard and self-proclaimed 'calypso idiot' Juan Vesuvius. There's one week left to catch the shows we loved, including Dave and Fake It Til You Make It. And, as is fringe tradition, there were a few very special shows you'll have blinked and missed." 

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 Adelaide Blinc light show unites 'best digital artists in the world' - video

"Adelaide festival sees the city's Elder Park host Blinc, an open-air exhibition of huge light installations, projected against water, canvas and buildings, including Parliament House. Two years in the making, Blinc was created by more than 20 international digital artists, who worked from intricately precise 3D maps of the outdoor space to create their works. The result, says curator Craig Morrison, is contemporary art, not 'just crowd pleasers with flashing lights' "

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Audio Stage | Responsibility and Criticism

"In our second episode on responsibility, Fleur and I are talking to arts journalists, critics and advocates Jane Howard and Richard Watts, in the lovely 3RRR studios. What you will get from this episode is an insight into how some of our prominent arts advocates understand the responsibility inherent in their work. What you WON’T get from this episode is any sense of the incredibly hot weather we had on that day! We were all exhausted!"

- Jana Perkovic

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Wheeler Centre | Criticism in the Digital Age

"While we find new ways to respond to the art around us, what’s happening to formal criticism? As the digital world sees traditional publications dwindle, and self-published opinions proliferate, arts criticism finds itself in a precarious position. The new landscape might be more democratic, but what does it mean for criticism as a profession? Has the critic become an endangered species?"

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